V.A / This is Zologo Beat(LP)

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The ExのメンバーでもあるZea がアムステルダムで運営するMAKKUM RECORDSからガーナで活動するミュージシャンのコンピレーションLPがリリース。
土着的なリズムにオブスキュアなサウンドやelectric musicの要素が行き交うマッドでありながら身体を動かさせる独特のサウンドが集められた作品。現行の新たな音楽の流れを是非お楽しみください。

This is the music being played on the cell phones, car speakers and sound systems in and around Bongo and Bolgatanga, the main city and capital of Ghana’s Upper East. This is the mix of local rhythms and melodies played on traditional instruments mixed with Ayamga’s Fruity Loops sample madness and Cubase programmed electro beats with on top of it all the words, rhymes, vocals and stories of the young people hanging around the Top Link studio waiting for an opportunity to throw down their voice on a fresh made track.

The main language on this album is Fare Fare, the regional language in Ghana’s Upper East region. ‘Zologo’ means ‘crazy’ in Fare Fare (also known as Frafra).

All beats, synths and bleeps by Francis Ayamga. Track 4 – kologo by Prince Buju, track 10 – sinyaka by Dondada. Mastering by Zea, Amsterdam, NL. Pictures by Francis Ayamga, artwork by Zea.


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¥2,970 税込